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Visit of Outbound Mission by ASEAN Japan Centre

On February 19th, 2014, under the patronage of His Excellency SOK Chenda Sophea, Minister attached to the Prime Minister, Secretary General of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) hosted a meeting to welcome the visit of a Japanese delegation consisting of more than 30 Japanese entrepreneurs from various small and medium enterprises located in Japan and press reporters.The head of the delegation, Mr. Songkane Luangmuninthone, director of Trade-Investment Division  from ASEAN-Japan Centre, briefed to His Excellency Mr. SOK Chenda Sophea that, ASEAN-Japan Center organized this mission trip for Japanese business people who were interested in South East Asia, especially emerging economy as Cambodia. The destination for this time visit was Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Mr. Songkane informed Secretary General of the CDC that the mission trip had two objectives, one of which was to update the latest investment climate of Cambodia to Japanese business community and Japanese media, and the other was to overview infrastructure for FDI, hard (road and port) and soft (FDI policy) to Japanese business community and Japanese press.

To achieve these purposes, the delegation had traveled to Cambodia from Thailand by bus and reached the province of Koh Kong Cambodia on February 17, 2014. The delegation had made visits to several special economic zones where Japanese factories were located. Those special economic zones included Koh Kong Special Economic Zone, Sihanoukville Port SEZ, Phnom Penh Special Economic Zones and special economic zones in Bavet city.

In his welcome remark, Excellency SOK Chenda expressed his sincere thanks to ASEAN-Japan Center and their management and officials for their kind cooperation extended to the CDC for a decade as of today, resulting in many achievements, one of which was the arrival of the mission team that day.

He informed the members of the mission team that their visit to see the real situation was far beyond what they often heard through unofficial communication channels and that their direct contacts with Japanese investors in the special economic zones could tell them more than what CDC management and officials could. He further mentioned that the Royal Government of Cambodia had vowed to carry out further reform in key sectors to better strengthen trade facilitation, upgrading infrastructure and legal system, etc. in order to make Cambodia a more attractive investment destination in ASEAN. He also thanked Japanese investors for trusting Cambodian government in its policy to maintain peace and stability. He said that he would welcome more Japanese SMEs to Cambodia so that the country could be involved in the supply chain in the region.

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