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Welcome to CDC

Minister attached to the Prime Minister Secretary General, Council of the Development of Cambodia.

On behalf of the Council for the Development of Cambodia, I would like to welcome you to this website which represents our continuous endeavors to promote development and investments in the Kingdom.  We aim to accelerate economic growth and attract further investments to Cambodia, a promising open market with steady political stability and proven sustainable growth. Over the past two decades, Cambodia has been transformed from a land in crisis to a land of opportunities. Our economic renaissance has only just begun.Read More»

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Investment Guarantee

The Law on Investment guarantees the investment as follows (Article 8 to Article 11 of “Amended Law on Investment”):

・  A foreign investor shall not be treated in any discriminatory way by reason only of the investor being a foreign investor, except in respect of ownership of land.

・  The Royal Government shall not undertake a nationalization policy that would adversely affect private properties of investors in Cambodia.

・  The Royal Government shall not fix the price or fee of the products or services of a QIP.

・  The Cambodian Government shall permit investors to purchase foreign currencies through the banking system and to remit abroad these currencies for the following purposes:

-     Payment for imports and repayment of principle and interest on international loans

-     Payment of royalties and management fees

-     Remittance of profits

-     Repatriation of invested capital

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