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Limitation on Foreign Investment

1.   General Principles

There is no sector closed only to foreign investment.

2.   Restrictions on Foreign Citizenship

Some restrictions on foreign citizenship in terms of investment activities are described below.

Ownership and Use of Land

Ownership of land by investors for the purpose of carrying on a QIP shall be vested only in natural persons holding Cambodian citizenship or in Cambodian entities but the use of land shall be permitted to investor, including concessions, unlimited long-term leases and limited short-term leases that are renewable. The investor is also admitted to have the right to own and pledge as security the real and personal property on the land (Article 16, “Amended Law on Investment”).

Employment of Foreigners

A QIP is entitled to obtain visas and work permits for the employment in Cambodia of foreign citizens as managers, technicians and skilled workers, if the qualification and expertise are not available in Cambodia (Article 18, “Amended Law on Investment”).

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